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 Accounting is art process of recording, classification, and summary of the significantly factors and money matters, transactions and proof of money spending as well as transactions result into a financial report.

Accounting processes start from transaction. Transactions are a happening event, money matters or money equally and affected to the company financial that could change company's financial position. After transactions proof, those transactions recorded in a journal to the book, for example Bank Journal, Buying Journal Book, Selling Journal Book, and Stock Journal Book. Accounting is very important for you who run business, because in accounting you can see the history of the cash flow of your company as well as make plan for how you manage funds in order to efficiency, so there will be no lack of funds, which is lead to bankruptcy.

Having good system about finance and accounting is very important for business or home industries. Unfortunately, many businessmen did not know how to manage the cash flow for their company, as result there are no explanation of losing funds or money in their business, or spent money for nothing. 

Accounting is very useful to either big or small companies, moreover business is decided by amount of the employees less than 100 persons, with small amount of the products, and also in a small area of market, it could be local or regional. Accounting information for small business, you can use software akuntansi, because this information is very crucial. You can manage your business, for example when you want to expand your marketplace, or decide of price you want to offer to the customers, are depend on the accounting information provided by software akuntansi. This software also has other function as managerial, and cost-spend activity with percent value setting and you also can use it as ready-to-print monthly accounting and finance journal.

Your business is where you put money and also works as investment; whenever you need the money from your company it would be great if you look for capacity of company's funds so you would not get deficit in the end of month. Moreover, providing accounting information for business it is crucial, especially if your business wants to have government subsidy and other resources of credit like from Bank. 
Nevertheless, there are many business does not have accounting information about their it. Result is, they are hard to get government subsidy, credit from bank. Importantly, create financial report for small business, is not only to get easy for credit but also asset controlling, duty, and capital funds. Planning an income and efficiency of cost this could be factors before you decide company's decision.
Duty of provide accounting information for small business, has been listed on business regulations no.9 years 1995 on taxation regulations. Government as well as accounting community ascertains the important of accounting information for business. Nowadays, there has been Standard Accountancy for Small Business by Indonesian Accountant Community. This appear, because standard for financial accountancy for small business has been expected for long time, and also this framing adopted from draft of International Financial Reporting for Small Medium Enterprises (IFRS for SMEs) which has been published on February 2007.

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